At the end of a week of intense work on the Constitutions, many of the members of the Chapter today enjoyed a day of spiritual renewal. In fact the pilgrimage to Leonessa to the toms of St Joseph provided them with the chance to renew the memory of this Capuchin Saint on the occasion of the four hundredth anniversary of his death.

Gathered in the Sanctuary which contain his mortal remains Capuchins from many parts of the world listened to the main events of his life. However, it was mainly during the homily which was delivered by The General Minister Br Mauro Johri during the Eucharist which was celebrated in the presence of the Bishop of Rieti that the brothers were able to appreciate the spirituality of the Saint who was especially the fervent, efficacious, truthful, accurate and humble proclaimer of the word of God to all kinds of people but especially the most humble.

AUDIO IT EN - General Minister, homily

Following an excellent lunch at the Hotel Torre, the pilgrims paid a short visit to the friary of the Capuchins at Leonessa. In the little church were there is mainly the work of Br Ugolino da Belluno on display, Br Orante Elio D’Agostino had a chance to present his work of twenty years dedicated to transcribing and publishing the sermons of St Joseph of Leonessa. The brothers were amazed at the work accomplished by Br. Ugolino. They were also amazed at the exquisite cell of St Joseph which is preserved in the friary.


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