The most stressful period has started. The whole day was spent in voting. This will continue until the end of the Chapter.

The process is quite burdensome. The President of the Commission presents the main amendments that have been brought forward. The Presidents of the various groups intervene to seek clarifications and to state their own opinions. Following this there is time for personal interventions. What is important is that all have the text of the Constitutions before them. The vote then goes ahead. After the Secretary of the Commission has read all of the text a vote is taken number by number. To hasten the vote a form was handed out which contained all the numbers in the Chapter with three possibilities beside them (placer, non placet and placet iuxta modum). At this point the tellers come forward who examine all the forms to make an exact computation. This morning we voted on Chapter 2. It took the tellers three hours to count the votes. In the meantime the groups met to formulate possible amendments to the Chapter which had just been the subject of the vote. This is the last opportunity to present amendments. This process assures maximum democracy and awareness. It certainly takes a lot of time! In the afternoon a vote was taken on chapters 3 and 7.

Don't Forget!

General Chapter 2012 opens on 20 August and clsoes on 22 September.


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