Today was completely dedicated to Chapter eight.

In the morning a draft of the Chapter was presented by the Chapter Commission. The President and the Secretary explained the reasons for accepting the changes which had been sent in by the groups of by individuals. There were many interventions. The assembly voted on certain preliminary points: having Custodies instead of Vice Provinces, the term Definitor being changed to Councillor and the Vicar General being elected in the preset manner.

At midday we experienced a special time of communion with a visit from the ministers of the different Franciscan families: Jose Carballo Rodriguez, General Minister OFM, Michael J Higgins, General Minister TOR, James Puglisi, President of FFI-TOR, Sister Encarnacion del Poso, General Minister OFS, Mother Stefania Monti, President of the Federation of Capuchin Poor Clares and Giuseppe Piemontese, Custos of the Sacro Convento in Assisi, representing the General Minister of the Conventuals, Marco Tasca. They conveyed their greetings and good wishes in a few spontaneous and brotherly words. We hears them with understanding and acknowledgement. During lnch there was a gratifying surprise: the Minister Provincial of the Marches gave the General Minister and his Councillors a statue of Our Lady of Loretto. Up until late in the afternoon every number of Chapter eight was voted on.

Don't Forget!

General Chapter 2012 opens on 20 August and clsoes on 22 September.


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