The satisfaction of being able to see the finishing line eases the fatigue that sometimes overcomes us.

This morning we voted on Chapters 9 and 12. As always, the formulation that was proposed by the Commission was presented first, then the comments from the groups, from individuals and the general audience. After each number in the Chapter has been read the members of the Chapter marked a cross on placet, non placet or placet iuxta modum on the ballot paper that had been provided.

The Secretary, Salvatore Murgia, read Chapters 9 and 12 very quickly. However, for the closing lines, as if disappointed at coming to the end, he pronounced the words very distinctly. A loud applause recognised his discomfort.

The last votes regarding Chapter business were carried out in the afternoon. The Chapter also voted for a recommendation to the General Minister that he continue to approach the Holy See, together with the Franciscan Family, for it to recognise our identity.

Don't Forget!

General Chapter 2012 opens on 20 August and clsoes on 22 September.


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