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The International College is located along the side road of the Grande Raccordo Anulare, between exits 32 (Via della Pisana) and 33 (Via del Pescaccio).

• If you are coming from the South

you need to pay attention and take the side road on the Grande Raccordo at exit 29. Once you are on the side road follow the direction towards exit 32, without entering the Via Pisana. Once past the overhead bridge of the via Pisana, you will find, at about 400 yards, the entrance to the College.

• If you arrive from the North

you must take the side road at exit 33 in order to make a U-turn (to change direction on the GRA) at exit 32. Once across the bridge of the Via Pisana turn immediatley to the right, returning to the side road of the Grande Raccordo and past the bridge you will find, about 400 yards ahead, the entrance to the College.

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